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Guiding Lights

Best of Tahoe 2015       By Jen Schmidt      

Reno-Tahoe locals raise pups to lead the blind

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Getting into Ski Shape

Ski & Ride 2014       Written By Kristin Close      

Physical activity is the key to getting into shape before the ski season. Find out what trainers think are the keys to hitting the slopes ready to go.

Baseball playoffs are beginning, pumpkins are for sale in front of the local grocery store and leaves are falling. Mother Nature is whispering her annual reminder, “Get ready for snow.”…

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Off the Mat, into Nature

Summer 2016       Written By Erica Hartnick      

The benefits of practicing yoga outdoors Yoga, a practice developed in India thousands of years ago, is now arguably one of the most popular forms of fitness in the world.…

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Losing an Iron Giant

Winter 2015-2016       Written By Dave Zook      

IRONMAN leaves Lake Tahoe

Written by Dave Zook After three beleaguered years, the IRONMAN event, where competitors swim, bike and run, is done with Lake Tahoe indefinitely. The organization’s official announcement to not renew…

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The SAD Season

Winter 2014-2015      

Exercise, diet help stave off seasonal depression

In the Sierra Nevada, life revolves around the changing seasons. Many Reno-Tahoe residents have experienced the winter doldrums at some point or another. As days shorten, weather stays chilly and…

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Ski Training Like a Pro

Ski & Ride 2016       Written By Natalie Ellis Barros      

Two of Tahoe’s elite winter athletes share insight about how they stay fit in the off-season   As Tahoe’s long summer days fade to chilly fall nights, Tahoe’s residents and…

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Climbing Tahoe: Indoor Ascents

Best of Tahoe 2014      

Climber head inside to stay in shape over Tahoe's winter

Written by Paul Raymore Attached by harness and 11-millimeter climbing rope to her belay partner, 14-year-old Kristina Goetz of Incline Village steps onto a tiny foothold on the vertical wall…

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Tahoe Athletes on Fueling Up for Race Day

Ski & Ride 2013      

Local athletes dish on their diets

Carbo-loading at a spaghetti feed was a time-honored tradition before race day. However, the age-old eat-as-many-carbohydrates-as-you-can before a big event has now morphed into quite the opposite. Athletes now focus…

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Backcountry Readiness Begets Safety

Summer 2014      

Prepare for the worst to enjoy the best of Tahoe's backcountry

Planning ahead, bringing the proper supplies and having knowledge of wilderness first aid contribute to safe outdoor adventures. Whether you’re backpacking or out for an afternoon hike, preparedness is essential…

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Yoga finds a natural home in Tahoe

Best of Tahoe 2013      

growing popularity and demand for Tahoe yoga studios.

Written by Tanya Canino Reaching for blue sky framed by mountain peaks and grounding into pine-covered green earth, yogis are discovering Tahoe Truckee as an up-and-coming space to practice their…

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Tahoe’s Best Summer Races

Best of Tahoe 2016       Written By Kyle Magin      

Train for these must-run (or swim, or paddle, or bike) Tahoe races

There’s a moment, if you hit leg 14 of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey running relay race just right, where you see the literal inspiration for the ‘purple mountains majesty’ lyric. That…

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Eye to Eye with Tahoe Forest Cancer Center’s Lawrence Heifetz

Winter 2013       Written By Matthew Renda       Written By Jen Schmidt      

Meet the doctor who brought top-notch cancer treatment to his rural home in the Truckee area

After entering medical school in the 1970s, Dr. Laurence Heifetz knew he wanted to practice what he deems “high-stakes medicine” and swiftly decided on oncology—cancer treatment. He began his career…

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Sierra in the Raw

Summer 2013       Written By Julia Mueller      

Making a personal lifestyle out of raw food

When hearing the phrase ‘raw food,’ one may visualize iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots—in other words, rabbit food. But going raw means much more than simple salads. The…

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A Last Look

Winter 2013       Written By Andrew Pridgen      

Goodbyes to Lake Tahoe, to Dad

My family calls it the Look.       You and yours may refer to it as something else, or not at all. But I know you’ve seen it.       I know…

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Air Care

Mountain Home Awards 2015       Written By Julia Mueller      

How to battle indoor pollution in eco-friendly houses

The U.S. Green Building Council expects the demand for green homes to continue to rise, and contractors in Tahoe—such as Robert Heller at Heller Construction and Kevin Hanna of Greenwood…

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