Summer 2015 Feature Articles

Thunderbird Turns 75

Written by Bill Watson       While building his grand Thunderbird Lodge estate on Lake Tahoe’s East Shore, George Whittell Jr. commissioned naval architect John L. Hacker to design the famed Thunderbird yacht.  Completed in 1940 for a whopping sum of $87,000 ($1.5 million today), Thunderbird traveled by rail from Michigan to Tahoe City and was launched into Tahoe’s…


Scaling Donner Summit

Written by Heidi Pesterfield Those who visit Lake Tahoe rarely leave without falling under the spell of the region’s natural beauty. Most people would nod to The Lake’s aquatic expanse of blue as the seductress, but persons of one particular breed may credit a different element. The individuals in this category are rock climbers. Since its development nearly 50 years…


Tahoe’s Silent World: Diving Big Blue

Written By Dylan Silver      

Many of Lake Tahoe’s most luscious myths revolve around what lies beneath its surface. There’s Tahoe Tessie, the amiable ichthyosaur-like creature whose grainy photograph once graced the front page of the Tahoe Daily Tribune on a chilly April 1. There’s the Lady of the Lake, the attractive mermaid who reportedly drags lustful fishermen to her dark underwater cave. And who…


How Healthy are Tahoe’s Forests?

Written By Sylas Wright      

When westbound settlers crossed California’s dominant mountain range in the mid-nineteenth century, they were pleasantly surprised to report spacious, park-like forests through which they could ride their horses at a gallop. They would not recognize the same forests today. Millions of acres of trees blanketing the Sierra Nevada are overcrowded, stressed, thirsty and under attack. Weakened by severe drought and…


Eye to Eye: Lake Tahoe Dance Collective’s Christin Hanna

Written By Kyle Magin       Written By Jen Schmidt      

Christin Hanna is many things: nationally-acclaimed ballerina, dance instructor, dogged supporter of Tahoe City and the North Lake Tahoe arts scene. The founder of Tahoe Youth Ballet, the Tahoe Dance Collective and July’s Lake Tahoe Dance Festival—now in its third year—Hanna’s devotion to the arts in Tahoe is tireless. Most of her various performances take place year-round in Tahoe City,…


The Lake of the Sky, Through Many Eyes

Written By Alison Bender      

Beginning in August, the best view of Lake Tahoe may not be from its sparkling shoreline or one of the Sierra Nevada’s towering peaks, but in downtown Reno’s Nevada Museum of Art (NMA). Here, guests can experience the Tahoe Basin as it has evolved through the centuries in the area’s first comprehensive historical art exhibit. From Washoe basketry to architecture,…