Top 5 Construction Trends in the Truckee/Tahoe Area

Posted On: May. 26 - 2016

We spoke with Matt Heslin of Heslin Construction to find out what he believed to be the Top 5 Construction Trends in the Truckee/Tahoe area that add to the beauty of the incredible landscape we call home.

Interview by Stina Fausone
Photography by Vance Fox
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Rustin Tone - Tahoe Talk - Heslin Construction

1. Rustic Tone and Contemporary Design

Enormous wall expanses of glass make you feel as if you are a part of the landscape, bringing nature inside. The design is simple with shallower rooflines vs. the typical A-line roofs; the materials used have a cleaner look and the floor plans are quite open, bringing in a liberal amount of light. Bold structural steel beams and wide-planked hardwood floors are combined with natural color schemes, bringing to each room an inimitable feel.

Indoor/Outdoor - Tahoe Talk - Heslin Construction

2. Combined Indoor and Outdoor Living

Bi-fold glass doors in the front and rear of the home can open the walls to the entire expanse of a unique outdoor patio. Outdoor fireplaces, built-in fire pits, barbecues, seating and LED sensor lighting help create a matchless look that is all its own.

Specialty Rooms - Tahoe Talk - Heslin Construction

3. Dedicated Specialty Rooms

Bunk rooms with custom built-in murphy beds, sleeping lofts and floating bunk systems are very popular; dedicated bathrooms with multiple showers and sinks for the overflow of guests and kids provide ample room for relaxing visits. Heslin has also created dedicated game rooms, art rooms, and even a custom Harry Potter Room.

Smart Homes - Tahoe Talk - Heslin Construction

4. Smart Homes

Smart homes allow for use of your cellular device as a universal remote. This technology gives you the ability to let someone into your home if you’re out of the country, set the alarm, the heat, the lights, the TV, music and more.

Reclaimed Wood - Tahoe Talk - Heslin Construction

5. Repurposed and Reclaimed Wood

The interior and exterior of many homes in the Truckee/Tahoe area are outfitted with hand-selected reclaimed wood. It can be repurposed for just about anything, but tends to be used quite a bit for cabinetry. The reclaimed wood helps to enhance the rustic and mountain lodge feel and can also be used to construct exposed structural beams or unique furniture.

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