The Milky Way stretches across the sky over Lake Tahoe from Speedboat Beach, photo by Justin Majeczky


The sight of Lake Tahoe’s blue water shimmering in the sun has been known to stop onlookers in their tracks, staring in amazement at the natural spectacle splayed out before them. The view is not shabby at night, either. As the sun sets behind the Sierra Crest, the stars take center stage, filling the expansive night sky with otherworldly beauty. Tahoe photographers are well aware of this opportunity, and will forgo sleep and warm fingers to capture the stunning display. Lucky for us.



The Milky Way rises behind a gnarled whitebark pine in Desolation Wilderness, photo by Scott Sady



A light halo creates an ethereal effect above Bonsai Rock, photo by Brian Walker



A pocket of night sky through the trees at Meeks Bay Resort, photo by Paul Newton



Eagle Falls under a brilliant blanket of stars, photo by Phil Mosby



Tahoe’s clear water glows under the stars at Secret Cove, photo by Martin Gollery



The Milky Way stretches across the sky over Lake Tahoe from Speedboat Beach, photo by Justin Majeczky




Justin Majeczky is a full-time professional photographer and director of photography living in Reno. He is a partner in a production company called Kimera Collective. Majeczky spends his free time shooting landscape photography around the lake and teaching others how to capture beautiful landscape photography.

Paul Newton’s background in photography began while working side-by-side in a darkroom with his mother, a professional photographer who was instrumental in his training. Photography soon became a passion that still resonates today. Newton has completed multiple photography courses that have helped fine-tune his ability to create stunning images of landscapes, astrophotography, industrial and street photography. His love for travel and adventure also complement his work. Newton has expanded his repertoire with the use of a drone, adding to his ability to capture beauty and the expanse of a scene through an aerial vantage point.

Martin Gollery has photographed landscapes around the world, but his favorite subject is his own backyard of Lake Tahoe. His book, The Lake of the Sky, is available for sale, and his website is

Brian Walker is an adventure sport, outdoor and lifestyle/events photographer and videographer based in South Lake Tahoe. His love for the outdoors brought him behind the lens to capture unique and inspiring moments in the wild. Walker’s clients include Red Bull, The North Face, LifeProof, Lululemon, Sierra-at-Tahoe, Burton, Tahoe South, Snowglobe Music Festival and Edgewood Tahoe. Find more of his work on his Instagram, @brian.walker, and his website,

Phil Mosby is a local astro-landscape photographer and print maker whose unique, handcrafted work is collected by art and space enthusiasts the world over. More of his work can be found online at

Scott Sady is a commercial and landscape photographer based in Reno. Sady started his photography career as a photojournalist for the Associated Press in the 1990s, working internationally covering hotspots in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. After returning to the U.S., Sady was a staff photographer at the Reno Gazette-Journal, where he won numerous national awards for his photography until he left the paper in 2008 to pursue a freelance career. He can be found at

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